Mobile Health Diagnostics

Aurum Innova Diagnostics provides innovative healthcare services to clients in the public and private sectors, designed as per programme needs. This involves the deployment of mobile units/teams to remote and rural areas, TB screening through the use of mobile X-ray vehicles, as well as support with large-scale health studies.

Occupational Health & Wellness

Comprises health screenings and awareness services to foster positive health behaviour, as well as motivate employees to take ownership of their wellbeing. Aurum Innova’s methodology includes understanding the health risks associated with the facility, risks as per the job profile and ensuring job/exposure-specific medical surveillance.

Procurement Services

Aurum Innova Procurement provides distribution and market access services to clients within the public and private sectors. Aurum Innova Procurement has established relationships with manufacturers of medical consumables and suppliers across the world and has distribution agreements in place to ensure timely and cost-effective access to the best equipment.

Community Health Programme Implementation

Innova provides community/public health programme implementation in various rural and urban communities across the country. Through the use of their in-house developed community engagement framework, Innova is able to rollout programmes in the most remote areas and deploy mobile teams to implement health screenings to all communities. This involves HIV testing, TB screening, vital screening, collection of research data, distribution of vaccines and health screenings.

Project Experience


Chest X-Rays completed in the SADC region.


Medical examinations conducted for miners for TB/Silicosis in South Africa.


INSTI HIV Test Kits distributed by Aurum Innova.


Installed 256 Shesha Geza Washbins to provide an innovative solution for improved hygiene & hand sanitisation at health centers in South Africa.


Employees on medical surveillance for Occupational Health Purposes.


100 000 Covid-19 vaccinations administered across 4 provinces.